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Date:June 18th, 2005 10:11 pm (UTC)


Aaah yes Geology, Im assuming you have Mike Middleton or Kerry Keen, I dont think Dr Cordua did Intro. Im a former Geology major myself and for me that stuff was just so damn fun. College Alg, yes been there, done that, Fairly simple. The most recent any sort of math I have done would have been Stats 2 which is Econ 326 in Business. I also just finished my summer class, Managerial Finance, which is one of the hardest classes in Business and for some reason I ailled out with C!! Im so excited for that, after having completely bombing the first test I was almost certain I was doomed. I musta done great on the final, either that or Rahgozar really liked me.
Im just damnt glad that registration is over for now. I work at ITS and its so busy when all you little chilluns :-) come in and the place is so loud bounding with people. I usually try to get out of the library then and go and work in another computer lab on campus somewhere.
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