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Previous Entry Good old summer Jun. 16th, 2005 @ 05:20 pm Next Entry
Aaaaah summer is here in this nice little town. And notice I say little, something much different during the academic year. River Falls really re-attains its sense of tranquility and small-town serenity during the summer. I used to think most places did, but thats just not the same in my home town anymore. Rush hour has turned into rush hour regardless of the time of year. Things tend to slow down here over the summer. The South Fork seems to flow more lazily and slowly. The occasional deer mosey across the vacant intramural softball fields in the early evening hours. Bar doors are propped open for the fresh air to come in, the skies never seemed bluer, the birds have never chirped more harmoniously.
The campus is almost a ghost town, but not quite. It is nice I move swiftly across campus with any equipment I need and dont need to worry about traffic or masses of people. Softball on Tuesday nights brings the community together, whether they are playing or spectating. The computer labs down here are silent and near vacant except for the occaisonal loser. Ok I take that last one back, some of those people are very productive here over the summer.
Today I biked down (yes biked, you can do that in this town and get everywhere!) to Town and Country Day behind Holiday Gas Station by the bank. I got cheesecurds and brats for lunch, oh so nice. Most weeks find me doing something else for lunch however.
A walk down town to Grateful Bread, Mariachi Loco (very good I might add) or Mainstreeters for my lunch break is very nice especially in this weather.
I feel sorry for the fuckers that have to "go home" for the summer. Can someone please tell me what people do when they go home? Just work 5 days a week? Well Im doing that now plus a class which I cant until its over TOMARROW! God bless me if I pass...
...And God bless all of you who stick around this wonderful town for the summer!
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